Tuesday, June 08, 2010

She's leaving on jet plane

I hope she's safely arrived at Clayton North, OZ. Haiiii, am really sorry Bets, as I bangun tidur je, I realize I missed your flight.(tak sempat nak call before dia fly *sob sob, blame the time difference!)

Bila entah lagi nak jumpa, as me tercampak jauh nun in England and she's in OZ. *sad

I hope this 8 years friendship still remains strong! she's the first person I meet in MMU, back in Alpha year, exactly right on Registration day itself, the very first personnn.

Today, both now in foreign countries, full time housewives after years of working life. I tell you darling, ain't easy life!

As for me, yang ada pengalaman, almost for 5months ini =)

First, get use the idea of 'a housewife' need to learn everything (Cooking!!) no more drive thru =p
Second, get use the idea of 'a wife' need to learn, and accept your 'real' partner behavior, berus gigi letak mana.
Third, get use the idea of 'foreigner' need to learn your surrounding, I mean tempat baru, suasana baru, mana kedai yang jual orange juice murah *hehe
Fourth, get use the idea of 'jobless' need to learn, how to spent most of your time, downloading movies, series while waiting your husband balik rumah after 5 ;p
Fifth, get use the idea of 'all by yourself' Mak bapak family kawan kawan semua jauhhh, so no matter what, you'll be in your own feet.

haha, semuanya nak kena belajar as soon as you touch down. Banyak lagi, itu je lahhh yang I can think for now. But Bets, anytime, anything, just email me, or FB me okayyyy, I'll be there for youuuuuuu :) I think, my 13hours flight alone for your wedding ceremonies prove my love to you! ;) (as zack told you, anything happen to you, he'll be in flight to Melbourne right away, because we do love you darling!)

*Mood yang agak sedih, eventhough I believe she more than happy sebab jumpa balik her husband after 2 weeks seperated :p ;p

Sedih only for me, as she won't be back for Raya, so when exactly we can meet up again? Skype nanti!


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