Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Southbeach Diet

Hye guys!

I will do SouthbeachDiet's review after I manage to lost  7 or 8kgs yea? goooo Nadia goooooo 3 more kgs :p :p sorry lambat ye, for those sent emails and comments :D

Thanks darling!

Ape eh hadiah for myself kalau dapat hilang 15kg? haha mebi Flap Bag? or GST? hahaha dream on!


  1. well done, Nadia! me too have to stop falling off the wagon. food sangat lah sedap, tak sanggup nak diet and malas nak exercise hehehe. get a flap lah kalau lose 15kg hehehe

  2. hahahhaha...u knwo what!??!?!?!
    mr.doc cabar i ok!!! coz i keep on whining i gemok2 kan trus dia cabar i...if i manage to get myself to down to 70kg, he will buy me another bag!!! muahahahahhaha...

    nie yg bru nak semangat nie...muahahah

  3. I'm glad I've lost almost 5 kgs now..secret is,no rice,more vege and protein....owh,plus joging an hour a day..:)

  4. Tasha: hahaha, I terpakse okkkkkkkk!!! dah mcm meletup2 dah nie ;p ;p u takpe selim melim cun melecun lg! ;p ;p

    Verde: haha itulah, I pon asek whinningggg je gemok gemok :p jommmm diet, boleh takbah collection u tu ;p another C eyyyhhh, u mintak je birkin okkkk :p :p

  5. Meen: meee toooo :D tapi penat kan lame2 need gooooooddd motivation, congrats u! ;)