Saturday, July 31, 2010

My fave one.

Hye guys! Happppy weekend, have lovely one! ;)

I love coffee, but only Starbuck coffee to be exact! am addicted to Starbuck! haha, and when your house just 5 doors away from the nearest Starbuck, habis duit! I dah lah addicted, pastu duduk selang 5 pintu je, adoiyaiii :) seksa!

So here's the solution, instead of I menderma kat Starbuck itu 3.60pound everyday, and menambah berat yang sedia berat ini. I bought Starbuck Italian Roast and Whittard of Chelsea Coffee Syrups! hah 2 lagi tue, ee manis, and yummehlicious! :D (if I'm on diet, I just use Splenda) I treat myself once a week  :)

Am sitting at my fave corner with my fave caramel frap, enjoying my moment without commitments.... yet! :) oh, kawen sudah, cuma commitment2 yang lain belum lagi. :) 



while my husband memerah keringat mencari rezeki, heeeeeeeee :D thanks laling. 


  1. hehehe I dok perabis duit kat starbucks too!! everytime I datang kerja bila break .. starbucks! there goes 1/2 hour wage for the day donated to starbucks! sigghhhhh!!! dah lah kerja 4 jam aje! sungguh tak berbaloi! but I could never resist it!!!

  2. aku jugak la yg dh x bole minum frap...dh la kne kurang kan ais...asyik2 minum hot choc jer nk selamat...hohoho

  3. Reena: sangat heaven!

    Nana: hahaha, memahami youuuu, starbuck, if me mesti je same as you ;)

  4. Verde: yes!!! loving it :D

    Betty: ye jgnnnn wei manis2, nanti kencing manis plak pregnant2 kan?