Thursday, July 29, 2010

Southbeach Diet Review

As I promised! I'm truly sorry for late entry for those emailed me or leave comments here :)

So far dah 6weeks plus and I managed to lost 8kgs! in 6 weeks, cool kan! ;p Mainly, Southbeach Diet teaches a way to choose right carbohydrates and fats (cuts out your bad carbohydrates and fats!) Southbeach Diet ada 3 phases.

Phase 1 - Last about 14days, and main purpose to kill your bad craving. Carbs are restricted in this phase. Here's the list of you you're allowed to eat. Click Here

Phase 2 - Last until you achieve your dream weight. Carbs are slowly will added back in this phase. Click Here

Phase 3 - For maintaining your weight. After few weeks, your eating habit dah bertukar, so its easy to maintain your weight.

If you've no idea how's your shopping list will be, Click Here your guideline to quick shopping for first timer for this Diet.

First 2 weeks, for Phase 1 I managed to lost around 4kgs, and keep decreasing sampai lah hari ini, slowly :)

I choose this diet, firstly sebab nak lost few extraaaaaaaaa kilos,haha 15kg ok! its a must bila diri sendiri rasa tak selesa, secondly, sebab I want to control my eating habit, kurang kan gula, lemak and everything bad. Makin berumur :) kena beringat dari skang la ye Nadia ;p kang esok2 darah tinggi, kencing manis, hahhh payah tue dah tua tua nanti.. Aiyohhhh mintak dijauhkan :)

Here's my daily meals for Phase 1


Protein: Smoked Salmon, egg
Vege: Asparagus


Mixed Kebab


1/4 Roasted Chicken

Asalkan ade Protein+Vege for Phase 1, you okay je, but I do exercise, jogging or cycling. But if am not, my weight still decreasing, tapi sangat slow, maybe my lemaks ini sangat tepu! ;p 

I masak guna olive oil, but I limit kan my oil intake, lagi pon olive oil mahal kan? hehe banyakkan grilled je :) takyah la goreng-goreng. 

And for sugar, am using substitute sugar, kalau kat Msia, Equal the easiest product can be found :) 

And if I malas nak masak 2 different meals, yelah hasben takkan hari2 nak makan western ye tak? I still masak lauk biasa, contok ayam sambal, cuma minyak i guna Olive oil, ayam I grilled :) 

Nampak senang kan? hahah tapi temptation susah nak resist!!!


  1. dlu b4 wedding aku pon ikut South Beach jugak..skrg x da dietnyer sgt tp still aku diet sket2 jer. tapi si hilmi ske makanan msia hokehh. pas bersalin br la aku ikut blk diet kot..hahah

  2. haih aku tak ikut sume ni pun, dah hilang 5kg dalam seminggu hehe :D

  3. Jipah: aku rase dah boleh dah skang ;)

    Fatie: haha ape je ko buat sampai turun 5kg tue!