Friday, October 29, 2010

Review: Benefit - The POREfessional

I got invitation for 'the POREfessional's launch last few months, on August i think. I get this before everyone else, heeee ;p

Its minimise the appearance of pores amazingly! the balm feels very silky and lightweight, so dia takdelah sticky on the face or rasa berat je muka kan. When you apply it especially on the nose, your pores just disappear, rase licinnnn je muka, you can use this before you apply your foundation or just itself.

This is must have item!! ;) Betul, tak tipuuuu!

I tak sure Msia dah launch ke belum, sebab UK launched on Sept.


  1. nadia belikan I satuuu...
    how much is the price??

  2. wow..seriously?..sejak2 dah tua ni...kena jaga skin.

  3. Ayra: mau keee? email me eyh. But I think soon ade kat Msia kottt. Price around 20++pound

    Peah: POREfessional ni lebih kepada menutup yang kurang laa, bagi invisible sikit ;)

  4. owh babe can kirim or not? i so want one

  5. nadia.. what is your email ekk?
    nak kirim.. coz malasss nak g cari kat KL haha :p

  6. Ajjah & Ayra: email me plis