Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Did anyone got problem with uploading pictures?

I tried, tapi tak boleh plakkkk, anyway, tonight for the first time ever, I'll be alone in UK, heeee Azli got 2 days meeting at client's office, so, kena tinggal lah i  sorang2 sampai esok!

Maybe its a good thing to be alone, I need my 'ME' time since kahwin tak pernah ade, since belajar, selalu ade me time. 

Psstt, I nak try buat Red Velvet cake tomorrow :D :D semua bahan dah siappppp, tinggal nak buat jeeee :D Aminnnnnnnnn lah jadi! :p


  1. Having ME time occasionally is super nice.same goes for me for the first time both my heroes away from me.ok i da biasa gak my husband away but when it comes to my almost 7 months old son its my first time and its up to 4 days 3 nights.both balik kampung on hubby's side to visit his family.menangis depress xingat dunia gak semlm rasa nak meraung i at home tapi gagah2 gak get trough my day with some progress in my coursework. (benci myself semlm).today still distract myself with work/bloghopping most time and later hopefully dapat join a girlfriend gi mkn ptg/dinner.rasa macam single but not available balik once in a while is....oklah ;)
    be sure share recipe red velvet cake tu if menjadi k.good luck nadia!

  2. 'ME' time selalu i looking forward, tapi bile dh terbiasa berdua/bertiga with si kecik tu, jadi tak best pula kadang2...apa pun, 'ME' time selalunya di spa or saloon...heaven kan!! gd luck on your red velvet cake!

  3. Ha..cuba jgn tak cuba. If sukses, jgn lupa share resepi

  4. Mawar: Yes, I think, just once a while okay lah, kalau selalu, mauuu i tak suka juge :p I guess, bila anak, mesti rase lainnnn sangat, i belum ade experience lg :D

    cikayu: hehehe, yesss, selalu if pergi saloon, Me time la kan? but itu kejap je kot youuu :D

  5. Fiza & gerbera: belummmm jadi sgt, nanti dah betul2 baru i buat balik. heheh