Friday, November 05, 2010

Chocs Cake, Bonfire Night

Tertunai sudah hajat, heeeee well, AngelFoodBakery is my fave bakery store in Brighton, they sells Red Velvet, am loving it! But I deeply in love with their chocs cake! superlicious! :D :D tak sampai 1 hari dah habis dahhhh, for sure Azli yang habiskan :p

Sape sape datang Brighton, you guys can try their cakes, Sedap!

Today is Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Bonfire Night for most people, so hopefully tak hujan lah malam ni, even pagi ni hujan. Bonfire Night nie since dulu2, celebration for failed conspiracy whatnot, zaman dolu2. haha, bace wiki la ye.

So Bonfire Night nie celebrates with fireworks :) ticket kami dah beli! :) (kami beli with Azli's corporate rate, so half price! jimat) I tak sabar nak tgkkkkk. and if you pergi any stores around here, dorang dah start jual fireworks :)I ade amek gamba how they sell it, but takleh transfer plak. cis. There are several foods that are traditionally related with Bonfire Night nie, Bangers and mash, Toffee apples or Baked potatoes.

let see, Baked potatoes is the easiest meal! :) boleh la buat! :) or beli kat festival je nanti. haha lg best!

Happy Holiday Msia and Happy Deepavali to all Hindus ;) Cheers


  1. badan dah gemuk especially bahagian punggung masih makan coklet cake (jangan marah, saje nak sakit kan hati mu supaya berdiet) ;)