Friday, November 19, 2010


I got married too soon, in age 26. My initial plan was 30. Jodoh datang cepat kan? But, I tak menyesal, sebab I definitely sure, Azli’s the one, the only one, yang boleh tahan perangai I. Heheh.

Lately agak jeles, especially bila Naz pulang dari her 2weeks New Zealand adventure, omigod, she jumped off a plane and sky-dived, its all about adrenalin rush! Seperti saya selalu bercita-cita untuk buat bungee jumping.

But now, am super super happy bila Julie confirmed her ticket for next year UK trip. Gila 3 bulan nak stay UK! Hahah now, boleh plan our Europe trip! *saving savingggggggg

Hopefully big boss I tue, bagi green light la wife dia nie nak bergembira dangan kawan-kawan bujang :p


  1. Eurotrip sounds nice. I wish I can do that myself.

    as for me, my initial plan was never to get married; maybe a long-term life partner, but no commitment. but yeah, i got married before the age of 25. gotta love the irony. but i'm very much independent now, especially since i don't have to deal with laundry & dirty dishes anymore :-P more time for me to do what i like.

  2. sure Azil permit you to go hua-hua with ur besties...dear

  3. memang seronok kan bila kawan2 datang n boleh g jejalan ngan dorang =)

  4. Hehe, I know you hate me for it tapi if you go to NZ dgn Azli mesti dia tak bagi buat semua tuh. Wahahaha!!!

  5. T: Dirty dishes, oh my, I pon tak suka, easy way buy dishwasher, easyyyyy!! :D I had that plan tue, never to get married. but heyyy, no ones can predict the future kannn? :D as long we're happy with our choice :D

    cikayu: hahah amin, hopefully

  6. Farah: yes betul tue!

    Naz: well, u know him well. hahahah!! risau dia tgk wife dia terjun plane. :p

  7. oh, we have dishwasher :-)
    but we still have lotsa dishes because I cook like chef wan--guna banyak pinggan mangkuk. and I put away leftovers in single-serving portion. so memang banyak sangat-sangat dishes, though there are only two of us here. hahaah

  8. same with meeeeeeeeeeeeee!! hahaha i pon masak guna banyak pinggan mangkuk periuk bagai, hahaha. pening azli :p