Tuesday, November 30, 2010


No more cakes, cookies,

7 weeks left before our 1st anniversary honeymoon! I need to lose some weight! Raya's weight!!! heeee my last diet was on August, so berat Set/Oct/Nov yang tak diperlukan perlu dibuanggggg!!! (makan segalanyaaa balik msia aritue!)

Emergency diet starts today!!! 10kgs to get rid of!

so seminggu at least 1.5kg. waaahhhhhhhhhh panic button!

(benci tauuuu berat asik naik turun nie!)

Can't waittttttttttttttttttttttttt for our trip! nakkk berjalan! :) 


  1. heee errmm same with me here mencci berat naik turun...so this time whta will be ur method? south beach diet lagi ke? cycling? share plzzz.. (^^)

  2. southbeach you! :) sbb i selalu berjaya jeee :D without starving, hehehe lagi pon i mmg protein eater :D