Friday, December 31, 2010

31.12.2009 VS 31.12.2010

Here 's last year entry, 31.12.2009.

Today, 31.12.2010, reminiscing my wedding, Alhamdulillah.. tak sangka, sekejap je masa berlalu, still remember, how's crowded my house last year, how busy it was, i miss my wedding!! so much c:


  1. Our very own wedding day is always a memorable event to remember.The feeling of being a bride is a beautiful feeling in and out hehe.Happy new year 2011 on it's way soon to you Nadia and hubby. Hope you both get to celebrate it in the fun way over there!

  2. Mawar: Yes, indeed babe, Happy new year to you too!!

    Annon: Thanks darling