Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Azli asked me to bake something for his office after New Year Holiday, most of people on their holiday until 3rd Jan. Festive holiday! Azli’s Christmas Holiday until from 24th to 28th, lama gila ;p I’ve no idea nak bake apeee, cupcakes maybe? Senang sikit nak makan, kan? Ape eyhhh nak buat?

I do proud with Azli, for his work achievement so far, (I hope he didn’t read this thou, hahaha). Working in UK nowadays is ain’t easy as recessions still happening here, UK government’s ‘cut-budget plan’, and next year will be worst for immigrants in UK as UK Gov, will cut almost 80% for new Visa application. Students pon dorang cut tau starting next year..

So berbalik pada Azli, he’s working at company ranked top 10 of UK Best Big Companies, I can still remember the interview, the departure and now, he has been promoted for a better gred and salary, Alhamdulillah. It’s not easy journey for us, especially for him, last year he witnessed few of his colleagues kena cut because of recession. He’s gonna be busy for next few months, as new project kick in after New Year, I hope he will do well, and make his boss proud of him, so do I.

2011, semoga this year will be better rezeki for us, Amin.


  1. moga kehidupan kamu berdua disana dipermudahkan Allah =)
    doa byk2 yer dear....moga dihindarkan dari segala kesukaran sepanjang berada di sana....aminn

  2. nadia..
    aku tau ko patut bake ape!!!
    pastu anto kat aku sket!!!! ;p

    hahahahaha..gile tak logik nak anto kek jauh2...cheessseee cake plak tu! heh..

  3. alhamdulillah.i can only imagine how stressful it can get for ur hubby to work his best while adapting to the workplace in a foreign sis and bro in law dah more than 10 years work sana,macam2 stories gak i thing i remember they say it teaches them to toughen up leading life sana.all the best!

  4. alhamdulillah....hope tis coming year will bring more success...Amin

  5. Peah: Thanks darling! belum lagi berjaya, but hopefully towards that :D now, only progressing.

    Fiza: Thanks darling!

  6. Farah: Thanks darling!

    Angah: kau mmg mengidam nie! ko pegi beli cheescake secret recipe tue! pastu kau plak post sini, aku nakkkk

  7. MAwar: Thanks darling! its true, your sis lagi lame dari kami. :)

    Fieza: Thanks darling!