Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bye2 Mc D..

Since no one eat rice in this house, okay only me and Azli ;p I teringin nak makan burger yang gemoks, (imagine Chillis' burger) *Yummmm, so I just use my meatball's recipe to make fat lamb burger,sooooo impressed with myself. :p

Bye2 Mc D.. at least I know in my burger, I use all meat and broiled them with olive oil instead of using fatty meat, kan? :)

makan dengan olive ciabatta.

Happy Holiday everyone!!


  1. this looks really yummy and eventhough considered fatty food tapi mesti healthier sbb prepared sendiri kn the burger.i teringin nk try tapi xsure nak beli lamb meat kat mana huhu!

  2. Mawar: Yes, actually its not fatty food bila you tau what exactly you put in :D I think kat msia jarang ade lamb meat, mutton meat byk kan? u shud try beef :D