Monday, December 06, 2010



How's weekend guys? Mine was okay, kami ada session berborak dari hati ke hati, ewahhh! Alhamdulillah, nak dekat setahun kahwin :) takde lah apa sangat, ;p cuma, kami dah decided few things in few years to come :) so stick to the plan :D Hopefully dipermudahkan oleh Nya :) 

I'm planning for our July Holiday, soooo can you guys help meeee?? pretty plisss *wink ;)

Croatia (for beautiful scenery and warm summer)


Swiss (for breathtaking views and snowboarding) a must before kid arrived :p

 Thanks in advance guys! :) 

Images from Google. 


  1. Babe,
    i tak pernah sampai Croatia lagi so tak leh nak comment but dalam gambar nampak best giler tu! switzerland is definitely beautiful. mana2 pun you pergi i am sure you'll have the best time Xxx

  2. hye there.i've been ur silent reader for few months already.but now tergerak nak comment.

    i'll voter for croatia! since i memang mengidam nak pegi sana.hehehe.

  3. Croatia!!! One of my friend dah gi, dia kata its beautiful and cheaper compared to other places in Europe! but tak tau lah kan ... I tak pernah gi so tak leh nak comment banyak sangat hehe!

  4. destination doesnt matter much but the fun in having the right person for company that ur case mmglah hubby the right person to b with u kan ;)
    i think swiss pic nampak sgt romantic!

  5. darl..p swiss please..i tgk pic pun tau , mmg cantik..

  6. Why not do half & half. You'll get the best of both world. One week in Croatia & one week in Switzerland.

    I've never been to Europe, but I'd love to :)

  7. How is that even a question????? Plitvica it is!!! :D