Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My Beauty Prescription

I loveeee, loveeee my face now, Thanks to Clarins! especially in freezing cold winter!

Last winter, (in this entry), urghhh, hate hate, kulit menggelupas, dehydrated, because of its my first winter, so I have no idea what to use, thank god, for lovely ladies, thanks all for suggestions :)

Last weekend, I nak replace my HydraQuench Cream, I guna setahun! almost a year, I didn't use all season tho, because I got HydraQuench Cream SPF 15 for Summer use (but i tak suka sgt, dia tak light, a bit sticky, maybe because of SPF), ingat nak beli satu cream je, i bought other 2 as well :p

My ultimate wishlist :

Clarins Limited Edition Beauty Flash Balm

Cheapoooo! because I redeem my points, I tell you, Azli sangat impressed with me, not even a year here, macam2 Points Cards I ada :p :p perempuan kan? hehehe dulu kat msia, jj card la, DP card, ikea card, etc etc! :D

Next wishlist for Clarins, I guess, I nak try Lip Perfector, anyone pernah guna?

I very satisfied with Clarins so far, maybe lama lagi nak try other beauty product, but I teringin nak try La Mer . Later, kot2 nanti untuk hilangkan appearance of my wrinkles, gulp, oh tidakkkkk :p One question, bila wrinkle nak keluar eyh? what age to be EXTRA careful, for wrinkles? early 30s ke? huhhhhhh scary!

Psst, But I hate my body, haha bila lah nak hilang lemak2 nie, cepat sangat naik turun, pening I ;( But I lost 2kgs so far, 8kgs to gooooooooooo!!! before our honeymoon vaccay! :p

Happy New Year! selamat tahun baru hijrah :) 


  1. Clarins mmg suit asian skin.my mum & i have been using Clarins for years.Use the Autolift serum for an instant face lift :) Mmg best especially when it apply it with the right massage technique.I used to wear the Matte face lotion but now have switched to Hydraquench cream.

  2. Dear,i salah bg nama lah.its clarins shaping facial lift serum haha.nampak sgt i da ketinggalan dalam facial regime :p been putting facial regime off since ada chicken pox in d past 1 week.so sad but now da quite nak sembuh.

  3. I just got my Beauty Flash Balm too. Good review everywhere that I decided to give it a try. Yes, it's like magic! My another 'magic' product from Clarins is Instant Smooth Foundation. Utk I yg tak make-up tebal, that one really do wonders.

  4. The beauticians said beginning 25 to 26years onward we should have considered on using anti-ageing products.. Even Imedeen pun advise umur 25++ ke Atas jugak rasenye... Baru boleh take Imedeen..

    Lagi satu superb product by Clarins.. Bust Beauty Extra Lift Gel .. swear by it.. After a few application .. Terasa jugak la 'ketegangannya' hehehe.. Serious.. .. The SA would suggest to use Bust Firming lotion too.. Tp last time I only bought the gel ni.. Pun dah ok sangat :)) .. Maybe youcould give it a go since it's good if we nak lose weight jugak since we don't want them to sag ;)

    Take care

  5. Yes, aku pon guna Beauty Flash Balm jugak. Dlu gune sb dok Oz, takut gak blk msia x sesuai. Surprisingly, sesuai....hehehhe. Kakak, sana Clarins mahal ke? if convert murah tak? If murah nanti blk raya aku kirim utk stock ;p

  6. Mawar: you baru ade chicken pox ke youuuu??? susah sikit nak hilang kan? wishhhh you the best! hehe lepas dah baik chicken pox tue, you pakaiii vit E lah, i think they good for mark :)

    Liyana: I pon tak make up tebal, just nak bagi kulit tak nampak jerawat bagai kannn :) nanti I nak try laaa :D

  7. Deloress: Thanks darling!!! I dah nak masuk 27 next Feb,(aaaaa, can't imagine ;p) I think dah kena jaga2, for wrinkles.

    maybe i can try for Bust Beauty Extra Lift Gel since i on diet;)

  8. Betty: Yessssssssssssssssss mmg beze lah price dgn msia! nanti aku belikan balik raye next year :D