Monday, January 10, 2011

1st Anniversary

The same date last year, we're busy for our Reception at Azli side. :) 10.01.10, and now, we're thousand miles away, reminiscing everything, enjoying life together to the fullest, and just can't wait for our Anniversary Honeymoon this coming Friday! :) off until Monday, Buone vacanze!

Smiley Husband

Crazy Wife

at Sushi Garden, Brighton

to celebrate their 1st Anniversary

Husband's plate - Stir Fry U-Don Seafood 

Wife's Tamak Plate - Bento (Rice with Eel, California Roll, Mixed Tempura, Salad & Pickles)

with TO DIE FOR!! Side Dish - Sushi Roll (Crab, Cucumber, Avocado, Octopus, Flying Fish Roe )

Now, he is the crazy husband


Burppppp, alhamdulillah

Superb desert

and, now, The Love birds

Again, The Love Birds

enjoying Little Fockers

That's how we celebrate our first anniversary! just 2 of us. with yummylicious Japanese cuisine :)

Buona giornata!


  1. Aawww so sweet!!i sambut first year ann gaduh dgn hub haha,xsedar pun masa tu dah tgh awal2 preg :p the japs food looks yummy.btw ur wearing leopard print top by dorothy perkins ke?Happy first year marriage anniversary nadia :-)

  2. Nadia dear, Happy Anniversary to both of you. Semoga berbahagia selamanya! I am A big fan of Japanese food, tergoda I tengok!!

  3. Happy Anniversary & have fun at your anniversary honeymoon. So where do you guys decided to go?

  4. happy 1st anniversary nadia!!! semoga terus bahagia =)

  5. happy anniversary. so sweet....may you have a wonderful marriage...

  6. Mawar: heee pregnant mmg emotion unstabble sikit kannn ;) nope, ni from Topshop dear :D Thanks darling :D

    Annon: Thanks you!

    Fasha: Mmg sedap youuuu!!! Thanks for the wish darling! :)

  7. T: for 1st Anni, Ancient Rome will be the choice ;) Thanks darling~

    Farah & Cikayu: Thanks to both!! Appreciate it :D