Saturday, January 01, 2011

We are 1

Happy 1st Anniversary laling,

I can’t believe it’s been one year journey for our marriage! I love you Mohamad Azli, I pray for Allah, All, I want to do is grow old with you, perform Hajj with you, holding your hand as we grow older together and we can jokes all day about our wrinkles and grey.

I love you, because you loved me. I love you, for your patience with me. I love you when you make me smile and laugh. I love you when you move your hips and asked me to dance with your weird dance moves. I love you when you do the dishes or cook for me. I love you when you do the laundry or vacuum the house.

I just love you for no reason. And I hope you love me as much I do love you.



  1. Hi Nadia n Hubby,
    Happy anniversary. May your marriage be always blessed by the Almighty and may your love for each other never fades.

  2. Happy anniversary, Nadia.. May ur marriage full with happiness, and last forever.. Amin..^-^

  3. LG: Thanks babe! you tooo!

    Lisa: Thanks :)

    Ayesha: Thanks darling, u too!