Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When in Rome

Just landed, and need a good rest :D perfect vacation, Italian food, ancient Rome, with my soulmate, what else I can ask for a vacation? perfecto!

Now, I just can't wait for our Summer Holiday in July, I just hope, jadi lahhhhh, sunbathing in one of island in Mediterranean Sea, *love love, that's mean no Zurich, no Croatia, hee

This year, will be travel year for us!


  1. Sementara tgh berdua jer elok travel puas2. Karang dah tambah ahli keluarga agak susah nak travel.

    Anyway happy anniversary dear!

  2. sis, sis wear makeup? nampak natural.

  3. Wow rome!have fun dear,get cute postcards from there will u!boleh GA to readers!i nak postcard of the colleseum with a cat in front of it(ada kot,i pernah dpt 1 dulu) :)

  4. bestnya! bestnya!!!!! sgt jeles. tlg keem salam kt mamat italy tu yea... hahahahahahahaha

  5. Fynnaz: Thanks darling! Itulah, nak travel puas2 dulu this year :D

    Anon: pakai! pelik gila kalau I jalan2 tak pakai make up :p dah terbiase. thanks darling!

    Syiera: Thanks you! :D

  6. Mawar: I dah balikkk you, mase I tulis entry nie, heee if I know earlier, sure I dah beli kannn :D Next time yaaa, I'll inform you if I pergi somewhere :)

    Fiza: Handsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :D