Thursday, February 17, 2011

Afternoon Tea

at Selfridges, London while waiting for Azli habis meeting ;)


  1. sconess!! yumm!! tak pernah try tea@selfrdges, slalu kalo g situ sure nk makan charkueyteow kat food court atas tuh. the best CKT in london! hehehe

    eh lagi satu, u kena try g english tea kat harrods, cafe apa ntah, dah lupa-tp dkt dgn children's dept.. totally a different experience! highly recommended, esp utk berdating.. ;)

  2. i love scones!!haven't tried at selfridges though.must be yummy tgk from the photo.
    One i will never miss is the hot chocolate at Mark & Spencer's cafe as well as it's mushroom & cheese toast ;)

  3. Wan: I pon baru je first time try ni, but not too bad, yummy!! :D serious ke you ade charkueyteow? nakkkk tryyyy next time!

    Mawar: This is my first too! eyh nanti I nak try lah M&S cafe for the toast! :D