Monday, February 21, 2011

From Cardiff to Brighton

Last 2 weeks, Zid&Wong came all the way from Cardiff, saje mereka jalan2 ;) Well, this is the second time ever people came to our house, excited! hehe bukan apa, rumah kami ni kecik comelllll je.. segan nak ajak orang datang, lagi pon couple 2 orang ni menjemput diri sendiri ke rumah kami, (as they said) haha.. hari dalam sejarah lah...

Since both of them never tasted Red Velvet, so i made red velvet cuppies for them,khasss tauu, second time buat red velvet. better than first time :p and also Raspberry Cheesecake for them. 2 dessert tueee ;p

Cute tak my cuppies tier?

Me with Zid, a young successful doctor tauuu, hehe comot je I  masak2 ;p


  1. Ya Allah yang bawah tuh sgt mencraving kan pleasee.. Meh kte bukak kedai kek kat brighton. Omg! mesti awesome giler, di tepi pantai with nice desert. Alolololo! :p

    what say you? HAHAHA!serious nih!

  2. I don't know why, but I personally prefer cakes than cupcakes. Its more velvet, u think?:)

  3. Rab: hahaha jommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

    daisy: yes! tapi I susah nak simpan if bake cake, cupcake easier untuk simpan. hehe but if cake, yummmyyyylicious, double layer kan