Monday, February 07, 2011

Lee Simmons

Kimora's latest obsession, Chanel Classic Flap bags

I just love her, her collections. Cute!


  1. er,didnt know she has a new baby girl(?)

    handbags idaman ramai ye?wish i can join the same enthusiasm about handbags :p i jenis ganas with bags,xreti nk syg2 handbags :D

  2. tu anak lelaki bongsu dia, Kenzo Lee Simmons. Anak dengan pelakon yg berlakon movie Blood Diamond kalau tak silap.

  3. I didn't know she's obsessed with the classics. hehe! Tengok video closet dia pun i dah nak pengsan!! gila lah they all ni.

  4. Most of the handbag clothes and shoes are given to them free by all the big players like Birkin channel LV. The best way to advertise for the company. So damm lucky right all these famous holloywood people. Hmmm rezeki orang kan :-)

  5. Mawar: baby boy, Kenzo with Djimon Hounsou (Blood Diamond's actor :D) hehehe i know, lain orang lain kan?, adik2 i yg lain tak pon :D only me :p

    Reena: Yes, true! :D

  6. Nana: hahah itu lah, ini picture form her Twitter btw :D

    Yana: I pon! jgn tak tau, dia punye birkin lagi laaaa banyak!