Monday, February 14, 2011

My Birthday Wishes

Last year Bday!
 I'm 27 today. A lot has changed in the past year or so, ups and downs. For this year, I just hope untuk dimurahkan rezeki, dipanjangkan umur, to be a better person as a Muslim, a Wife, a Daughter, and to be a better Sister to my siblings.


A year older, and I hope, wiser... Love!


  1. You 14 feb baby jugak ker?? Sama laaa dengan I. Happy birthday to you Nadia!! :D Have a blast year!

  2. 27...oh mudah remaja lagi...haha. Happy Birthday Nadia!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    I will be the same age as you soon, but I just cannot get myself to say my age. I've been 21 for awhile now ;-)

  4. Nadia..
    May Allah bless u n azli.. =)

    Ko dpt present ape dr mr azli ko? ;p
    ye..aku berjaya dpt no 120 utk jd follower ko ok! huhuhuhu...
    sila jd follower aku juga! heheehee..

    ** i wish i can fly ke rmh ko yg jauh di sana supaya ko bleh bake cheeseeee cake utk aku! ;p

  5. Happy belated birthday Nadia ;) hope u had nice one,same as kakak i (birth date) but she's in her late 30's.
    May Allah bless you always with more happiness & love,ameen

  6. Happy B'day, darling.
    Amin...moga dipanjangkan umur dan murah rezeki