Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rome's Honeymoon Day 1 (Arrival & Dinner at Lo Stil Novo)

First day at Rome Italy, first impression,

Italy = Kotor!,
Italian guys = Style & hummm Mamma Mia!! Very good looking! Yes!!

Upon Arrival,  we didn't go anywhere, just lepak at hotel, penat! sebab flight early morning, bila keluar hotel je dah malam. so makaannn lah! :)

At night, fine dining at Lo Stil Novo, very recommended!!! superb service, very posh restaurant, superbly delicious. And.. Azli surprised me with 1st anniversary cake in the end (he ordered a week before ;p). siap berlilin bagai, segan semua orang tengok.. auuww.. *love

Enjoy the pictures darlings! :)

thank you Allah, for Azli, and thank you laling, for everything. :)