Friday, March 18, 2011

Busy week!!

From bootcamp training, Yes! I lost 1kg since last Saturday, best sgt!!!!!!!  and James, the trainer, sangat suka jerit nama I ok! :p Come on Nadia, Don't cheat Nadia, adoi..I hate running, I hateeeeee!!! ;p tapi worth it bila tgk result :) I hope I will lost 15kgs until June. Sexy summer! :) 

Second, We are looking for a better apartment now, apartment's viewing sana sini, penat! since my in law InsyAllah akan sampai end of April. First timeeee in law nak datang nie! :p hehehe but actually I can't wait :) Azli will be super happy to spend time, his life with his mom, because dia dokkkk jauh lame sgt dah. 

Third, ... InsyAllah result will be next week. semoga dimurahkan rezeki daripadaNya :) 

Happy weekend everyone! :) 

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