Tuesday, March 08, 2011

My First (2)

MAC Wonder Women was launched in Selfridges, last month. I saw people were queuing at MAC counter, but tak tauuu ape hal at first, I'm not MAC user, so that's why. I love Chanel, Bobbi Brown and now Benefit, seriously! I'm falling in love with Benefit since I bought The POREfessional, and after that, I bought their Dallas & Smokin' Eyes. Foundation still using Bobbi Brown & Chanel though, tak mau tukaaar, sebab I think perfect for me. :D

kan? I love my cheek, when am using Banefit Dallas, bronze+blusher, its came out perfect for my skin, not too pink or too orangey. :D

So back to MAC, since someone loves MAC so much (seriously mmg MAC hardcore) and I belum post hadiah beranak diaaaa.. hehehe so I decided to gv her one of MAC Wonder Women collections and get something for myself too! (ade je alasan nak beli kan? :p)

Wonder Women for me and her, and Benefit BADgal Mascara for me, since my Chanel Mascaras, both dah hampir kering, I bought 3 Maybelline Mascara though, but hairan bin ajaib, hilang tiga2, I suspect 3 orang adik perempuan ku, guna tapi tapi tak pulang. hahah itu lah nasib kalau balik Msia. hehehe, takpeee..

So my first MAC, is Wonder Women Lipglass (color=Wonder Women) so far, I love the color! because am looking for very Red color, I wanna bought their Red Lipstick, but out of stock, so Red Lipglass should be okay! (why lipglass not lipgloss? weird)

am looking for color similar with my nikah's lip

lebih kurang kan? merahhhhh makngahhhhhh!! :D


  1. I LOVE Benefit. Zaman belum kahwin dulu I used to stop by their kiosk every month dan dapat free makeover and I always find something to buy there. Their make up makes me feel naturally beautiful. hahaha. tapi betul kan? You tried Dallas.

  2. Yeaayy *can't wait to receive it!!*
    luv u to the bits kakak....

    xoxo <3hearts

  3. love the red color lipstick u got. darinng!

  4. T: yessss I love Benefit!! everything so natural :D I don't think I over color my face at all! :D so show's after marriage? still using Benefit ke u?

    Betty: love you too!!

  5. fabscarf: I belum pakai lg, but i hope i berani! :D

  6. babe, they said MAC Russian Red meletops! go n try la