Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Sanggup Azli angkut used boxes from Tesco, hehehe rather than pay 40pound for 15boxes. 40pound boleh beli kasut Nadia, bak kate Azli, you're soooo right!  that's whyyyy I kahwin dengan you! ;p

Writing about shoes, I bought 5shoes this week. MasyAllah, berbelanja laa dgn berhemah Nadia! But shoes shopping is sooooo addictive!! I believe it is my OCD, ;p I can't wait for Ibu Mertua ku untuk sampai UK end of the month, one of the reason is for kasut2 saya yang berada di Msia, Thank you mamaaa :D


  1. Hi babe,
    I pun nak pindah ni, pening! Don't know where to start. Rumah kecik pun banyak barang!

  2. Hi nadia.da settle moving?btw my london trip would be on 15-18 april.if u so happen can be there we boleh jumpa.anything i'll update later.

  3. Sooyaree: same with meeee!! banyak sgt barang, even rumah cinonet je :p heheh at least u ade baby acceptable :D

    Mawar: Okay darling! will email you anything! :D