Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today is my third day of my first bootcamp! yeay! omaigod, semalam lah paling penat, sebab dia suruh jogging kat pantaiiii!!! dah lah Brighton nie not sandy beach, its pebble beach, soo nak tercabut kaki kuuu :p Hopefully in 1 month time, I will lose my extra weight! plis lemakkk silaa pergi :p InsyAllah, I will go 4, 5 times a week (1 hour session each) make full use of my(Azli's) money :)

Brighton Pebble Beach
I booked apartment's viewing tomorrow, tak sabar! :)


  1. How's the bootcamp schedule? 1 hour per day and got personal trainer ke? Nice one. Good luck on losing the weight ;)

  2. Yes darling, 1 hour per day, they got varios of sessions, so i chose session yg suits with my time :D and personal trainer. :D Thanks!