Thursday, March 03, 2011

Spring is coming!

eyhhh, spring is coming, losing weight is a must for our next holiday.. haihh, setiap kali nak holiday nak kena turun berat.. penattt ;p soooonnnnn.. this year will be our travel year! :D

Spring.. in ...


  1. oh i do so love spring! love it when first the crocuses comes out to signal the end of winter, and then the daffodils!!! love love spring!, i'm a spring baby and a spring bride =)

  2. salam kak nadia,

    try lar pki PB corset,coz tasya pki,dh lose weight around 5kgs..tu pon siap ovr makan..

    anw,enjoy ur spring!! :)

  3. superheroes's mom: daffodils dah keluar!! :) owh, me Winter Baby and a Winter Bride! what a coincidence kan? :D

    Tasya: hehe PB, hasben tak kasiiii, hehe dia kate nanti I tak pakai.. mungkin betul heheh. thanks darl!