Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Super Busy

Packing for new house, packing for another Europe Trip this weekend, Buy new furniture here, sell old furniture there, booking delivery here, booking removal there, waiting for delivery at old house, waiting another delivery at new house. Pening!

I'm not really looking forward for our upcoming Europe's holiday this weekend, first, because of Azli have meeting with clients on 4th of April, so because of he will not be in the meeting, he will be busy throughout this week, so left me alone to pack and settle all things related to new house. Second, I pon have impromptu "meeting" on 4th April, so very disappointed I not able to come to their office on 4th, but I do proposed different dates though, hopefully they will be free on 5th april. If tak boleh.. its okay.. next time :)

Thirdly, we booked removal van on Thursday &Friday's nights, so 2 nights nak pindah!! I just hope Azli will be free and tak perlu untuk overnight kat site! if not, it just me! :( takmau.

Okay lah, enough will ramblings.

Come on Nadia! dah 3 hari tak masak nie!! :p

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