Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday's morning

Woke up this morning, received few harsh comments, but heyyyy, it's okay.. But 1 caught my attention, she or he comment to my previous entry, 2004's entry, masa tue I baru je 20 tahun you, Entries pon merepek, I believe I am more mature now at 27, so tak payah la pening2 with my old entries.

But I do proud with with my old entries, that's what makes me who I am today, I learn from mistakes. But bukan untuk other people to read, hehe that's why I tak letak archive, sebab blog nie dah 7 tahun dah.. if terbace, tue takpe lah kan.. cuma segan sikit, kisah2 lalu.. :) Dulu takde orang pon bace my blog nie, now adalah sikit2 kan? hehe takde lah ramai sgt baca my blog.

I wrote this blog for my life's documentation. Esok2, I boleh baca balik. That's all.

So abaikan je ya, apa yang I tulis if tak capai standard sesetengah orang. grammar or what so ever. Thanks for reading btw! :)

So let's move on..

Here's few pictures for my inspiration for our new house, because of our new house ada fireplaces in both bedroom and living room, agak pening nak susun my furnitures, 1st time ada fireplace. :D

Bedroom nie sangat achievable, I love just white in bedroom, soooo relaxing! and armchair for my reading, or blogging. hehehe..

Azli love this type of vases for or coffee table. Pasu with big butt! :p

These three pictures are for our living room arrangement,  where's fireplace, sofas, :)

Thank god for Azli, he loveeeee furniture's shopping more than me!

Again, sorry for this entry ye jika sesiapa terasa. Thanks for reading my blog!! ;)


  1. hi nadia,exciting nya pindah ke new apartment.i suka the images of apartment deco you put up here.selamat menghias rumah baru and jln2 lagi this weekend :) btw me and hamzah baru sampai sheffield staying at rumah my sis semalam.we will be here until 8th may.insyaAllah if ada peluang berjumpa would love to meet up with u.maybe we can meet in london?let me know!

  2. http://inspirationfordecoration.blogspot.com/

  3. Mawar: Yes!! love tooooo!! :) will let you know next week. okay? lepas settle pindah rumahhh :D :D can't wait! :)

    Serendipity: me too!! feels soooo relaxing kan? :)

    Anon: Thanks darling!

  4. veryy nicee kan klu dpt btul btul cm dalam picture tuh...

    erm knape ade org nk terasa?? ini kan personal nye writing , personal tought, personal review kan...just keep blogging je nadia biar la mereka hee (^^)