Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Update on Tuesday Morning

Just landed from Portugal!! Best!! few days break from this hectic house moving, oohhh lega! But now, we're back in Brighton, home sweet home, rinduuuuuuu my bantal busuk :p lagi best! hehe but I guess we're back in hectic life, I just received call for another delivery set of furnitures, adoi, penatnyeee, pindah rumah mmg penat! dulu pindah room to room je, when dah kahwin nie, barang sgt banyakkkkk!! now I wish I ada anak2 yang dah besar, hehe tolong mumny meh! ;p

So many things to do, emails to reply, barang nak post, slow internet doesn't help! (I'm using moble broadband now, waiting for new internet to be set up). Rumah lama nak bersihkan..

and James from Bootcamp dah email, why he haven't see me for like a week plus now. :p


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