Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cari Kerja

Hello! Happy Tuesday guys, nampaknya my blogging mojo is backkkkk, yeay! 

What happen in life beside yours truly is working now? Hah, my in law is here, mama and Azli's youngest sister, lebih kurang a month until end of May :) and right after that my family's turn pulak, my parents and my youngest sister :) for only 2 weeks, because, well my mom is working mommy, soooo kenalahhh sekejap je. 

I'm really excited for family's holiday here, rinduuuu ibu ayahhh, rinduuuuuuu sangat! and I tak balik raya this year, *huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I tried to!! but everyone else dah booked holiday around that time, ada yang dah booked 2 weeks in Cyprus! orang baru mmg definitely tak dapat cuti! so maybe maybe balik after raya or raya haji. We will see.. 

So as for work, I maybe, belum lg layak, for tips to get job here in UK, this only my first step, my baby step but I will share my experience so far. 

I start cari kerja since New Year, I attended 4 interviews since then, (5 actually, satu I tak datang because I was in Portugal) Happy Bunny! because at least people called me for an interview kan? I don't have UK qualification, or work experience, so dah 2 points minus there, and I only have less that 3 years working experience in Msia, (thank god for both International Companies previously & plus internship at International Institute, that's helps my CV a bit) andddd a girl with Hijab? so that one I rasa down sikit, but surprisingly, they don't care!! :) just be yourself, and confident sikit.. my first 2 interviews I'm super super nervous, yelah interview at top 10 companies in UK, first time plak tue, and the ade 3 orang interview me, all men and local, sooo agak nervous di situ.. that's my mistake, nervous, dorang pon cakap I nampak nervous :) kalau confident sikit, haha mesti dapat! yelah shortlisted interview 3 org je dapat including me, and company worldwide with 15k staffs, mesti gaji byk sikit dr Azli. hahaha :p :p (itu dah lain niat, so Allah tak kasi. hehehe)

If you don't have any experience, maybe you can add your experience at Charity Shop, work without money but it will helps your CV, they just want to see if you able to mix with their culture & people. :) and just send your CV banyakkkkkkkkkk2, and from my experience, I hantar banyak, but yang go through companies je dapat, yang guna agents, tak dapaattt.. :) so takpelah, at least I tried both. 

So after 3 months cari kerja, Alhamdulillah I secured a position, but takdelah hebat mana, but it's OK, for my first step in UK, my first experience, maybe I start looking again after 6 months, or a year? and in mean time, I will try to get 1 certificate in 6 bulan nie, and kumpul duit for my Msc, maybe I will try to get cert yang lebih technical sikit, to compete with boys, it is hard! but hey, tak cuba tak tahu.. 

I love being a housewife, duduk lepakkkkk tengok tv hari2, kalau ade anak tak boleh lah lepak hari2 kan? hehehe but sementara berdua lagi nie, I will try to keep myself going, but so far, I am super duper excited for my career to start again, maybe because my mom is working mommy, so part of me crying out loud to mix with people, and do something, and nak dapat UK qualification, Msc tue berkobar-kobar, sooo here I am! :)
But I loveee this one year being housewife, I need a rest, sebab I start my job right after my final paper at Uni, takde rest, or gap at all, habis exam Jumaat, masuk kerja Monday! and working since then, working and working, office politic and everything, so last 1 year, my rest day without that, adjusting life in UK. 

Alhamdulillah, terima kasih Allah, mempermudahkan perjalanan hidup kami. :) Terima Kasih untuk pengalaman kerja pertama ini! :) 

How's azli adjusting with I'm working? will share nanti ye! :) 


  1. Wahhh... excited kan nak dapat kerja! All the best babe!

  2. congratulations babe!! happy for u that u've secured a job at UK..my dream tu:(( huhuh but since now i'm working with the govt so the dream hilanngg dah huhuhu..
    gudluck dear :)

  3. Ngehehe, bes bila kerja coz kena gak nak mix2 dgn people kan long? biase r..darah same mengalir, xboleh r xdok mixing with others ;) *wink*wink ;)