Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date

I don't have specific idea how my date should be, once upon a time, maybe yes, I did, but now? naaahhh, I prefer at home, watching tv/movie with my other half, maybe with snack, *cough, fresh fruit, *cough (nooooo snacks!!) and doing pretty much nothing, it's perfect date with my other half. Well when you don't have any kids yet, everyday ponnnn dating ;)

For first date, I love the idea of him pick me up for dinner, with a bouquet of flower to a nice romantic restaurant.. yes, lame typical dream first date. ;)

Personally, our first date was the perfect first date for me (at least)! he came, pick me up at Cyberia townhouse, Cyberjaya, I was waiting at shoplot outside and rupanya dia dah masuk in townhouse area, and I kena menapak balik.. adoi.. kelam kabut.. hehe.. he does not came with a bouquet of flower thou!! but he came with Karen Millen paperbag!! that's brownie points, we had dinner at Good Evening Bangkok, OU and watched Perfect Stranger after that. Perfect movie for us, our first date kan? sooo totally perfect stranger :p ;)


we just clicked!!

4 years after that, we're happily married and live thousand miles away in Brighton..


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