Monday, July 25, 2011

Sport Day


It's been ages since I update blog properly kannn? balik2 upload only pictures, boring.. actually I want to blog about our short visit to Cambridge since last week, but balik kerja je dah penat, anyway we went for Company's annual sports day, ala dia macam family day, you can bring your whole family, it's actually 3 days event, but we're just went for sport day.

Sport day ni for all UK offices and I think Holland's office pon join sekali. So one office vs other office, something like that. :) I masuk Rounders, Badminton (sampai quarter Final ok! haha) and dodge ball. hehe okay la tue, at least I participate kann.. so enjoy the photos! :)

 oh, I'm mrs hamdan now.. hehe, everyone called me mrs hamdan, where's my name??? ;)

 Go team brighton!

 This our lunch provided, if you go for meeting or training, or whatever here in UK, lunch dorang macam ni la,  always few selection of sandwiches, a fruit, chips, and cake/ biscuit. I remembered when I worked in M**c, if training ke meeting ke, selalu dapat nasi laukkkkkkkk, makan sampai ngantuk nak sambung meeting lepas tue.. heheh

 comel tak? kids activities

 Brighton Rally team, believe or not, they came on third place! laju juge laki I lari ;p

Yes, husband in action, bronze pon jadi lah.. :p

Overall, it's really fun experience for both of us, since this is our first Sport Day's experience, Azli selalu malas nak pergi, since this year I pakse.. sooo dia terpakse and rela.. I suka bende2 macam nie. mingle, kita kan kat negara orang, pandai2 lah bawa diri yee.. :p Cuma tak berape best, I got S size tshirt, haha I never ever a S size person eyh.. tak mungkin! soo agak ketat di situ.. that's explained why no me picture. haha!

Eyh, on our way home, unplanned shopping trip at Bicester Village! what a day ;p kaki sakit, pergi shopping..

Happy Monday guys! :)

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