Monday, July 25, 2011

Super Tense!!!

I get so tense!! because my weight doesn't move even I'm on diet for a week now. OMG I never ever reach this number, and fine, I take initiative, to go on diet.. as always be.. diet, gain, diet.. but unfortunately the number stuck there. damn! :(

tense.. tense..

What else I should do? I refuse to take a pill, or shake or corset.. or whatever.. because well... I will never stick to it.. end up terbuang.. :) soo that's why I always go for the hard work, diet, jogging.. (but I just jog once this whole month, compare with last year, every single day!) maybe because of work, balik rumah dah penat.. balik pon husband yang masak.. hehe..

I guess, I should put back my sport shoes, and start running before Ramadhan, a week, 2 kg jadi lah kan? :(

serious~! weight issue sangat tense!!!!!! and I got hot date this coming Wednesday. hehe.. ouww, my bf is coming to London, she must be 'surprise' with me :( and I will refuse to take picture of course. :(

Please Ya Allah. I want lose my weight and be healthy. Amin. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.


  1. I gave up on losing weight, but focus more on trying to be active. Tapi malaskan, one think that really helps for me is to hire a trainer; even a half hour session once a week or once every other week help a lot. Unlike taking fitness class which I always find an excuse to skip, with a trainer, malas tak malas, kena jugak workout. So, you can try looking into that. You can also set a goal to do 5k or something, even if you don't run, you actually would be walking for 5k.

    Don't bother with other "miracle" method unless your doctor recommend it. I yang sangat heavy ni pun doctor refuse nak bagi prescription, it's not as easy as people think.

    Good Luck!

  2. nadia..i think you are big boned and therefore hard to lose weight. why dont u consult a doctor and see if ur body weight is allright and if can take any medicine to reduce weight. sometimes detox tea, etc can work


  3. T: ohhhh thank you!! your comment really makes my day, i think back on April I managed to lost around 2 kgs a week, because of bootcamp, must be of the trainer, maybe masa tue I still not working, so it's easy for me to go for daily bootcamp, now, penat sikit. and last year I target for 8km running, ehem, (end up walking) and still lost fw kgs! but I guess, no more excuse! :) it's true what you said. Thanks darling! :)

  4. Sally: Yes, my dad said the exact same thing, big boned, sooooo hv to control what you eat, or you will end up big. (actually my dad yang concern lebih2 y I getting bigger and bigger ;P). detox tea will do & control your eating habit. I just need extra hard work :) thanks!! :)

  5. Nadia, one more thing. Do you drink a lot of water before bedtime and in the middle of the night? this can be a contributing factor too. Try not to take too much water 2 hrs before bedtime. You can drink a lot in the daytime though.

    Wish you all the best in your weight loss journey.