Friday, August 05, 2011


How's fasting month so far? mine, Alhamdulillah, eventhou 18hours a day, tapi tak terasa :) with half hour jalan kaki lg from workplace to house, lately weather panas plak tue, but so far Alhamdulillah, nothing to be fuss about.

Since this is first time, I beraya di perantauan.. so I have few checklist:

-No lagu raya to be play (especially dendang perantau or balik kampung)
-Bake kuih raya, at least 1 type of.
-No raya drama to be play.
-Less FB, since everyone's status about raya!

Haha, soo will see if Brighton tak banjir air mata pagi raya!! :p :p Next year rayaaaa, akan ku book cuti awal2, jgn ade org nakk book time tu yee :p ;p

And we're having iftar event this coming Sunday for people in Brighton for Malaysian families and also few of Indonesian & Brunei as well, since Malaysian tak ramai kannn :D and mereka pon dah nak balik dah end of this year Eee.. :) hope everything will go smoothly, nak masak apa eyhhh?

Salam Jumaat everyone!! :)

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