Friday, August 12, 2011

Just A Thought ver 2.0

I think issue halal haram food in Msia lagi susah from UK, because of we just assumed everything is halal. If duduk UK, before kita purchase anything, bersungguh tgk ingredients. Most of foods ada tulis ingredients, even beli sweets kat lori biase pon kita tahu what they are made of. 

*Maybe kita kena start tgk ingredients or ask the chef when we're having food outside? *not only in UK, if we live oversea, automatically kita jadi extra extra concern with what we eat. kan?


  1. Agree with you. If dok oversea segala ingredient codes pun kita ambik tau. Sadly kat m'sia we take for granted.

  2. I don't totally agree wit you. For me, though I live in Malaysia, every item I buy, I check for the ingredients and expiry date as well as the made in which country. Some food items contains too much perservatives, coloring etc which is not good for health. I try not to buy food items from 3rd world country etc cos concerned wit the hygiene standards.

    Selamat Berpuasa.


  3. Liyana: yups2, since I kat sini semua I amek tau, kat msia, i main beli jeeee ;)

    Sally: *thumb ups!! honestly I tak pon you, I lah antara orang2 yg assume semua bendaaa lah boleh makan, except yang betul2 kite tau haram lah kan.. setakat mentega tue, takde la I nak check satu2 ingredient dia :) expiry date tue i tgk.. cuma ingredient tue tak :) time to change!