Monday, September 12, 2011

Azli&Nadia's Open House, 1st Syawal

Still in Raya mood, since we just got back from Cardiff, untuk beraya, sampai je Brighton, Kak Lin&Abg Roy came to beraya all the way from Portsmouth, what a lovely weekend! :)

Here's photos from our first day of Raya! hehe lambat upload :)

Fyi, kami husband&wife takdaaakkk gamba berposing 2 orang di pagi raya, haha! Happy Monday guys!


  1. Nadia,whose baby is it?
    hope after this is your turn to have a baby :)


  2. Sally: malaysian student here. i tolong pegang masa mak dia tgh makan. hehe actually the baby just 12 days old masa tue, kecikkkkk sgt. Amin, ada rezeki nanti :D Thanks darl!