Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 10 Result

10 Days Result~ Lost another 0.4kg. Total 5.6kg. yuhoooooooooooooooo! 5.6kg turun. another 10kgs to go. fuhhhh hahah.. but this time, healthy eating habit! :)

Soooo badan rasa ringan, kulit rasa bersih, becoz am doing a detox, soo dia betul2 buang everything in your body yang bukan2 tue :)

But I hv another 10kgs target to go before February! Good luck Nadia! fuhhhhh 10kgs toooooo go, and it's winter!! mana lah den nak kurang byk2 tue kann :)

10 Days of Master Cleanse Result

anddddd today I received "Zaggora Hotpants" that I ordered for lose 2 dress size. and I will start today, for 2 weeks challenge! :D I will update hopefully twice a week. huiyyeee!


  1. babe..what kinda meal you take during this cleanse?or you dun take any?i'm on my 1st day, hope can survivelah..-jihan

  2. nadia, do you mean hotpants by zaggora?? OMG! nanti bagi review k... i nak beli sangat!!

  3. wow babe! i sgt impress dgn u. i teringin nak buat, tp tak bape yakin. huhu. Goodluck!