Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 6

Day 6 - Lost another 0.5kg. Total 4.1kg. another 4days to go. fuhhhhhhh dah penat dahhhh :( Cepatlahhh habis! then I will start my healthy eating habit! :) Depends how many KGs  I lost during Master Cleanse ni, then maybe I need another 10-14kgs to lose before February. Damn! banyak gilaaaa! haha :p I nak berat masa high school dulu, that's why! come on Nadia!!! tapi balik msia, macam2 nak makan... *sighhhhh...

I bought something for me, (to lose few kgs more! in order lose 2 sizes of jeans) I will reviewwwwwwwwwwwww 'it' later, so far, amazing reviews around the net, soo I need to try to wear them first then I will share with you guys! :)

Happy Tuesday guys! :)


  1. Salam...
    Wah congrates..dah turun 4 kg in 6 days..bukan senang kot..i on my 2nd day of MC..hahaha..cuma tak tahan la..craving for food n perut mmg berbunyi2 saje..mmg tak boleh makan apa2 ke??even fruits??after day 1 i lost 1kg...tapi sgt kelaparan...


  2. Hani: alaa, sampai MC keee? jangan2, nanti sakit karang.. he i'm not sure, but i advised you to take soup kot.. vege soup la.. :) cuba try.. because they hv lower calories, compared dgn meat or any else. and soup mcm kenyang je.. hehe tapi jgn letak minyak. i hope still turun! :) wish luck! :)