Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 7

Day 7 - Lost another 0.4kg. Total 4.5kg. another 3days to go.

Oh, weight always gv problem to me, because I easilyyyyyy will gain weight! lagi2 bilaaa dah tuaa nie kan.. :( why ramai je orang makan macam2 tak gemoks? sodih tau.. but it's okay, I will constantly gain, then try very hard to lose it again, then gain, then.... hehe never ending problem! but hopefully not.. :) I want to stay in healthy zone.. cuma I tak rasa selesa bila I jadi besar.. diri sendiri jadi rimasssss sgt bila baju ketat semua.. soo hv to do something and stop complaining! :) here I am.

another 3 days, am craving mee hun sup now!!! :(

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