Thursday, November 24, 2011

Shop Till Drop!

I realized another thing for this year (again)! I realized I bukannnn lagi "crazy shopper" or "Shop Till Drop", yes! I do still shopping.. but now, I shop with my BRAIN! hehe.. I always asked myself, 'do I need this?, do I will EVER use this?' 'Are  you sure it will not end up in box?' and etc..

Dulu, noooo, I beli everything because of they were on SALE! eyh, half price, eyhhhh 70%, 80%!!! eyh eyh, and excuses will go on.. and my things will pile up and most of the items from SALE usually will ended up to my sisters, or expired. Membazir amalan syaitan ye.. ;p

Now, I will carefully buy things, as example make up, one mascara, one blusher, one toner, one.. one.. use until finish please Nadia.. kan? sapa lah nak guna mascara 5 jenis everytime,and nanti end up they will dry.. and no more clothes with still tag on in wardrobe, eventhough at the moment, I still hv more than 10pieces items unworn and with tag in wardrobe*sigh, bila nak pakai.. tapi at least it's reducing time to time... haha! kan? berusehe sedikit demi sedikit.. ;) you want to know something? hehe for less than 2 years I live here in UK, I got myself 15pcs of coats? ke lebih? crazy! no more nadia. no more..

Enough of that, I'm proud of myself this year, I counted total spending from all my shopping's receipts last year and this year, my spending less than XXXpound this year up to this month. Huge improvement.. hehe slowly. :) Maybe since am working this year, because of my own hard work, I rasa bersalahhhh nak shopping.. hehe..

Okay dookie! enough with my realization at the moment, ni something like evolution from me to myself, dah nak penghujung 2011 kan? nanti 2012, hopefully kita same-sama berubah ke arah lebih baik! :) Amin.

Pst, I wanna say hi to someone, yang tegur my husband kat pasar, helloooo silent reader!!!! thanks eyh tegur my husband, I duduk kat rumah tgk tv masa tu.. hehe..

nak jugak tue tepek gambar, hehe rasa tak best takde gamba each entry, this time we were travelling back to Msia via Emirates, I loving it!! rasa best lah ade transit, tak rasa penat sangat travel.. :) sooo relax! if MAS or Air Asia, I found them both similar, because it's toooooo long journey, sakit bonts! :p 14hours. soo MAS pon same je laaa.. tetap sakit bontot travel lama2. :D

Toodles babes!


  1. dear..cerita2 balik malaysia hari tu takde ke? hehhe..

  2. Shop with Brain, I like that.
    I selalu spend money on things you cannot even see--food related, so it is harder to gauge until you look at the details.

    We are working on getting our finances together too. I think we haven't carried any credit card balances for more than a year now.

  3. Kak Jaja: will bloggggggg! :D

    T: It's true! if food related definitely hard to justify what you buy, what you shouldn't buy, makanan kira halal la, last weekend we was having dinner almost 100pound!! you tell me! *sigh.. food doesn't count...but once in blue moon boleh laa.. ;p kan? ;) we working on our finance too this year, save more, spend less! good luck for us!! congrats babe for ur cc :)