Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Unpacked, Unpacked..

I dah half way unpacked, 3bags finally unpacked! another 2 super large(26kgs each) bags belum lagi, all foods in there, 'cili kering, kicap, kari babas' seumpamanya! :p bila nak kemas tu? *sigh... if suruh Azli kemas.. i pulak tak suka, I love all my stuffs to be put at the right place.. ;p soo senang cerite, kene exactly ikut I la.. sooo kemas sendiri ye Nadia... ;p

Almostttt!!!! 2 years I live in England now.. how time flies? rasanya baru sampai Brighton, then tup2 this is my second winter here.. and it's a big improvement here in England, no more cry baby this year, or homesick and whatsoever.. more to, oh i lvoe Brighton, my bed, my pillowssss, our tiny flat! :)

Fruits left after 1 week returning to Brighton, Rambutan, Dukong, from MakLong, Ciku&Mangga from my house. aaaa sayang nak makannnn :p