Thursday, November 17, 2011

Versace for H&M


I safely arrived in Brighton last Monday, Alhamdulillah afeter 20hours journey KL-Dubai-Lon.

Then, few days of jet-lagged a.ka. sleep zzzzz,  I will start work tomorrow *yawn, so I ada 4 days untuk duduk dalam selimut before back to reality tomorrow. hehe..

Soooo what I did today??? bangun pukul 5 pagi, subuh, breakfast, prepare lunch box for mi husband, and after that??? straight tooooo H&M, Q-ing! it's today!!!!!! finally today!! ;p hehe.. purposely balik uk before 17th nov? (no lah!) is for Versace for H&M in store today, and double joy for me, no need to take 1 hour train to London, because they available in H&M Brighton! triple yeay!! :p

Upon arrival, they give color code for group, soo we will shopping base on group's color, Only 10minutes shopping for each group!!!! erh, cukup ke? tak kisah lah labu.. I dah prepare mentally physically hehe what I want to get.. and we got free gift Versace Yellow Diamond EDT alsooo, yeay, *smell nice, hah dah siap sembur perfume, then gate open.... guard said 'no fighting ladies... ' 1 2 3, gooooo!!!

Finally, I only managed to get 1 jacket.. haha.. punye laaaaa semangat nak aim 2 3 jackets, sbb yg lain not really my taste, and I will never wear them, I guess, then tiba je my turn, nada, ape je I dah aimed, ilekkkk... semua shopping mcm nak gila..  but... unfortunately, only one jacket.. hehe.. i siap tunggu depan fitting room, if anyone taknak kan? but.. takde lah rezeki ku.. and, siap left phone number, for jacket yg mannequin pakai.. hehe takde pon org call.. dah takde lah tue..

Hey at least 1 pc for me? ;) for my fashion heir.. hehe.. oleh kerana this is limited edition Versace for H&M.. 1pc pon jadi lahhh.. okay lah tue :D kang byk2, habis duit, kate nak boxing day? hehe..

Azli before I keluar pon, siap gv wish lg.. hehe.. semangat tauu bangun pukul 5! kejutkan dia juga.. (actually ok je, sbb tgh jet-lagged lg) ;p



  1. Reena: itu je yg cantik left, yg lain x berapa nak cantik tinggal.. nasib baik ade jugak satu! :)