Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What I need for Wintery December!

I thought I have all I need during this wintery December, but turns out, that I need (need with exclamation mark yes) few (yes few) items.

Let see things that I need and justification why I should buy them!

1 Warehouse or GAP Puffer/Quilted Jacket with Hood 
 (my previous Zara and M&S jackets came with real feathers! sooo imagine when I open the jacket in workplace, bulu2 melekat dibadan! tense! previously I THINK real feathers is good to warm me up, BUT.. rimas.. tp previously I hardly notice pon bulu2 tue.. maybe am not wearing them everyday, and x kerja kan.)

1 Warehouse or Zara Coat 
( It’s for our anniversary vacation end of Jan, sooo maybe I can hold this until Boxing Day SALE! But I think now, banyak stores dah start 50% off.. )

2 Zara/Warehouse shirts or blouses
(I need them, I don’t like to wear same things.. kalau gamba pakai baju same je tak best laaaa.. hehe.. I love Zara shirts lately! But it ALWAYS sold out within a week here! Kalau dah fall in love tu x payah la tunggu SALE, mmg bye bye laaa jawabnye.. it happens to me so many times )

1 Black SKINNY trouser & 1 Brown SKINNY trouser
(I don’t like legging, sebab sometimes they are too see thru, sooo opts to wear trouser, I need them because I love knee high boots than ankle boots, soooo prefer wear them with skinny trouser)

ALDO/Clarks boots, high knee, FLAT. 
(This one.. maybe I can mark up the FEW excuses to buy them. (okay them, I eyeing 2 3 pairs.. they now on sale from 140pound to half off! ) they just prettyyyyyyyyy.. pretttaayyy hehe.. I hardly watch ppl wear high heels boots anymore here. flat boots rocks babeh!)

Personally for my shopping preferences, I love Warehouse, ZARA!

H&M- stores are too big! and selalu ramai orang soo conclusion-nya malas!
Topshop - sometimes okay, sometimes too funky
DP- sometimes, they always hv impromptu sale!
Espirit - naahhh, not me!
Primark - nahhhh, not me either!
GAP - sometimes! but the style... tak sangat. kadang-kadang
M&S -sometimes, somewhere, stores too big too, soooo malas nak carik.
NEXT - naaahh, hardly sale
River Island - not my style.
Mango - love the style! since dari study beli MNG,  but now shop in website only, sebab Bighton takde! ;(
DKNY- love! but too bad not in Brighton
Coast, Reiss, Monsoon, Phase 8 - haven't try, but alwaysssss takde yang berkenan!

Karen Millen - love the shoes! (ada accident haritue.. Azli letak my Karen Millen wedges in same luggage with reeeeendang the oily rendang.. can you imagine how my black and white wedges turned out? dah puas dahhh I berendam air mata.. hehe belum get over ni! HE SHOULD buy me new Karen Millen's. I nak boots laling!

for other high end brands? belum mampu utk sehelai shirts harga 3 4 ratuspound hoih.. sayangnyeee duitku nak beli baju yang boleh koyak, kena pen ink and whatnot.. hehe beli handbag takpeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! lain lain.. dah kaya rayaaa boleh laaaa :D ni belum lagi.. hehe. bu i don't think I will splurge in shirts too much kot even dah kaya raya.. we'll never know!

ey eyh. where's my anniversary present list? apa jaaa cik abang tu nak! :)


  1. Beli beli beli! Hehehe.. it's the festive season baby! As for the pants, beli jeggings, haha.. I ada satu, sangat comfy (tuk perut lembik cam I ni, hihihi)

  2. kannnnnnnnnnn! beli je pejam mate ;p adoi, i belum beranak pon ade perut lembek uuuu ouch!