Friday, January 13, 2012

Argh, exercise..

The main resolution for this year is stay healthy and lose lotsaaa weight! (am not skinny, skinny, hard to lose weight but easily gain weight type of person), hurmm.. in 2010, I really monitor my weight, soo I jogging every 3 days a week at least..  I still not satisfied thou with my weight but that year much more better than 2011.

In 2011, I only jogging for about a month, bootcamp a month, then nadaaaa.. and last year, was the year that I always experimental with my baking skills, sooo makan makan, and makan.. then I was on diet, lost lotsa weight then balik msia, makan lagi.. and lagi.. 

No wayyyyyy, i just can't stand with myself anymore.. rasa tak selesa, cepat letih, letih, banyak  baring je.. adoi x fit dah! and baju pon banyak x muat dahhh ;( 

So for this year, I target to minus at least 15kgs or 20kgs at most before April, my concept is easy this time, exercise!!! I started jog yesterday.. 30minutes jogging! After subuh, 6degree at the beach,  freezing!.. hopefully it will be my daily routine, need to stay healthy!, and my calories intake yesterday was 903kCal. Hopefully it will do wonder after a week!!

So today, still, bangun pagi untuk jogging seksaaaa, and today 4degree, padan laaa sejuk semacam.. as for today.. 35minutes exercise, 5 round jogging+walking, 50 skipping, 15 sit up, sejukkkk hopefully will lose some weight Argh! crazy!! heee nak kurus ;( and am using Zaggora Hot Pants, so will see the result!

That's all so far, will not weigh myself daily.. will do in a week time.

and this calories counting is crazehhh man! but, i just want to be fit as used too.. and and.. wanna stay young and fabulous! :p



  1. hi am yr new reader n i juz wanna say tiz..go nadia go :)

  2. Salam Nadia.

    Can I recommend to you Premium Beautiful?
    It is a premium lingerie that is embedded with far infrared rays and has countless benefits. Superbrand status & has a lifetime warranty!

    It'll help you to loose weight, control your food intake, gives you more energy, reduce stretchmarks/cellulite, good for posture & many many more!

    Let me know if you are interested. I am based in Dublin but travel a lot to London.


  3. susumanis: thanks babe! :) and thanks for visiting my blog too! :)

    Yasmin: Thanks darling! but am gonna pass, i positive that I will not wear them everyday.. jenis malas I ni ;p ;p

  4. u sure u don't wanna give it a try? all u gotta is wear them & you'll definitely loose the weight.

    Put it this way, instead of putting on your undergarments everyday, just replace it with PB. Sama jek rutin harian u! haha

    Tak pun, once u get PB, hide all your undergarments so you are left with no 'choice' but to wear it everyday! ;)

  5. the same issue with me this 2012 is overweight..lotsa stress when we feel we not fit enough..esp during school time i'm athletic..the worse part bile suara2 sumbang yg perli2 kite esp bile tk kawen lg bdn dh gebu...

  6. I tend to eat a lot after exercise macam singa dah lama tak jumpa makanan, kononnya lapar gila. That explains why I still gain weight though my heart rate and blood pressure are pretty good. I tend to do the minimum though, just 3 times a week. My doctor actually adviced me to exercise at least 5 days a week with 60 minutes each session if I wanted to maintain my weight, and to lose weight she advice to do more than that. On top of that she told me to join Weight Watchers. I am nowhere near that, even 4 days a week is hard for me. But I will try, and I hope you will continue your effort too.

  7. Yasmin: InsyAllah, if terigin nak pakai PB nanti, i'lll let you know ye ;)

    Wahidah: kannnn, stress tau bilaa x fit, I selalu letih je, itu yg I pk, x boleh jadi nie, belum beranak dah x fit, nanti ade anak.. adoi, x terkejar. jom exercise!! :)

  8. T: You, same with me, my heart rate, bp and sugar level are ok, but it just, when I feel uncomfortable with myself, not fit, tired. that's why I think I need to do exercise and as for food, I count the calories, so per day I limit my intake, only 1000kcal je daily, so you can lose slowly within a week :)