Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chocolate Cheese Cake

Another guilty pleasure.. what not to like? chocolate? aaaa divine! cheesecake? feels like heaven.. I hv left over cream cheese the other day, sooo daripada membazir.. baik lah guna for cheesecake kan? crumble digestive biscuits, mix vanilla pod, cream cheese, double cream, melted the chocolate, voilah! easy peasy.. better this way, rather big whole cheesecake, penat nak habiskan berdua. another resolution this year, eat healthy and moderate for young and fabulous life ahead!! :p

am in heaven....


  1. salam ziarah..nampak sedap tu sis..yummy...:) tlena liur kt sini..:)

  2. wahidah: salam you! thanks, easy je you! cube tryyy :)