Tuesday, January 03, 2012

First Post on 2012!

okay, serious takde idea nak tulisssssssssssssssssssss!!! ;p okay let's seeeeee..

Happy New Year guys! semoga 2012 menjadi lebih baik dari 2011.. ambil yang jernih, buang lah yang keruh.. :) for me 2011 it's better than 2010 in overall.. there's ups and down in 2011.. for me, its a better year in me as myself development in particular..in us as a married couple we're more settling in UK.. since we moved to new flat in April, more homey feeling.. bigger than previous Azli's 3 years studio flat to flat that actually have roomssss.. haha! but kinda missed that old studio.. just a 2 of us, in tiny studio.. memang honeymoon year betul 2010! mmg starting life together betul :) and now, we have lovely and friendly neighbors atas bawah!  haha.. tak pernah ok.. borak2 with neighbors, this is my first time.. previous place, banyak foreigners, soo you're not feel very homey.. and few hotels down the road.. because we lived betul2 by the beach, soo mmg banyak tourists and hotels, now new home, this whole building, we're the only foreigners, yang lain brits. soo you feel local.. more settling in uk, eyh how they feel towards us as foreigner? hehe 

and 2011 also my starting point for me, self development, more settling in uk since my first day at work last April.. i'm more confident than ever now.. because 2010, I just moved in UK.. so have no idea how's life in uk will be, full time housewife.., lived in studio.. everything just around me Azli, and net, what can I say.. 2011 I more friendly than ever!! boleh tak bila tunggu bas, borak dengan orang x kenal? see??? mmg friendly habis, maybe because of our area mmg 90% local, and my work environment almost of them Brits, soo dorang nie peramah (x sure lah other places, but they're friendly in Brighton), I pon terikut.. I ni takdelah peramah sangat.. betul! now 180 turn.. good change.. :p so after this boleh lah, if nak berubah angin, takde lah nervous sangat interview tu.. :) hopefully 2012 will bring us more rezeki and barakah.. Amin.. 

and 2011 brought me few good gestures.. I able to strike few life's wishes in my life,  Alhamdulillah dapat di tunai kan.. gave Ayah and Ibu pergi tunaikan umrah.. :) and brought them visit our place in England.. Alhamdulillah.. bila tengok Ayah and Ibu's faces kat Airport tue.. rasa legaaa.. and Azli's  side too, we managed to squeeze Mama and Azli's sister in here for almost a month holiday.  rasa macam legaaa sangat.. anddddd dapat balik Msia last November, rasa best jugak! since my holiday's not approved for Raya Puasa.. Raya Haji pon jadi lahh.. tapi next time must more thatn 2half weeks, tak cukup laaa :( and dapat jumpa new niece. :)

But 2011 too gave me few tears, lost our nephew, Aqil Nadhir, 7months old. Inalillah.. and my mom's health not really good this year, hopefully 2012, my mom makin sihat, Amin, amin ya Allah, amin.. 

and we're celebrating our 2nd year anniversary on 1/1/12! us as couple, we're more together, I think for 2010 kami baru nak kenal kenal.. so adjustment itu masih ada.. for 2011 ni, dah kenal.. dah tahu, who's doing that, who's doing this.. sapa suka makan itu.. sapa suke makan ini.. heee.. :) and dah tahu sapa suka merajuk.. sapa suka berdengkur.. hee.. semoga kami masih bersama.. masih kekal for our 20th , 30th..40th.. 50th year wedding anniversary nanti! Amin.. 
"Subhanallah aku mencintainya
Subhanallah aku menyayanginya
Dari ufuk timur hingga ke barat
Selalu dihatiku"

Sooo, I hope for more rezeki, barakah.. semoga 2012 menjadi lebih baik dari 2011..  Amin for better year in life 2012! semoga semuanya baik baik sahaja 2012!! eyh maybe next step in life for 2012?


P/s- this is my personal journal, and summarize for MY LIFE in 2011! :) 


  1. hey babe!i know how it feels to live in your lovely neighbourhood since aku dah pun jejak kan kaki dan tido kat rumah ko tu!! overall eventhou aku visit just for a short time,both of you been so amazing and happy to see you guys there!hopes this year all of us will get better in life inside out.kiss!! muax!

    (si)telinga meow

  2. keep writing nadia.love ur blog.very honest n simple :)


  3. Brighton is such a lovely place. I have been to Brighton several times. The latest was in Aug 2008, before we left England for good. I can still clearly remember the sounds of the seagulls, it was raining on the day we last visited Brignton, not heavily, but the wind was strong. Oh I silently wish to hear the sounds of the seagulls by the sea again... and we had fish and chips at one of the shops at the waterfront... i think it was called the carousel? There was a carousel infront of the fish and chip shop... oh... such a beautiful place to visit... I went to the musollah/mosque situated in the terrace itself, still within walking distance to the pier... Is your house nearby? It's nice to live there, isn't it? Lucky you...

  4. aaron: yea~~ :) i hope next time u will be stayinggggg at leastttt for a week!!! tauuu.. enjoy!!

    neta: thanks! and many thanks for visiting my blog too :)

  5. Anon: Hello you! yes, too many seagulls in Brighton, they always knocked my window every morningggg!! cute! and they are prettyyy!, but can be irritating too, if they mess around the garbage. hehe. and that's the problem when u live in Brighton, you have to be xtra careful if windy day, sometimes mcm nak terbang tauuu..and the umbrella gone :D i don't know the shop's name but they are lots of fish and chips here, and the carousel still there, but now brighton hv Brighton's Wheel, similar like London's eye, nice! u can enjoy the view of town and also the sea :) if you just walk along the beach from pier until the end of hove lawn.. you can visit my house! :) come here again you! :) after I wrote this, ahhh, I realize that how much i love brighton! :)hehe!