Friday, January 27, 2012

Progress so far.

After 14days of jogging and exercising, okay minus 3 days of jogging.. I finally lost 2.5kg in 2 freaking weeks!!! haha penatt gilaaa jogging every single day.. and off to work right after that, and hv to dry the hair every single day after shower.. long painful days.. hehe, but nevertheless.. I lost 2.5kg up to date! hooorayyyyy!

But, believe me, it's not painful process, oh YES! for first few days, after a week, you really just okay, kalau tak jogging.. adoi.. rasa guilty tu menebal sangat.. and I more fit nowadays.. After jogging, I off to shower, dry my hair, kemas rumah sikit, dapur.. and etc, then off to work.. pergi kerja 30mins walk.. superwoman now! :D

So.. in order to lose another 10kgs at least, I have to jog for another 10weeks since, 1 week I will lose 1kg kan.. so 10weeks equal to 70days of jogging.. sigh.. sigh.. ;p

And to lose weight, besides exercising, I counts my calories too, so every single day, I will eat around 800 to 1200kcal per day.. :) plus jogging at least 1 hour. :)


and this is my daily jogging took place:

I just love the smell of waves, the ocean, the beach early morning! breathtaking! :)


  1. Nodie Darling, you really inspired me. Mintak semangat sket :-)


  2. Mel: Thank you! nahhh i bg u semangat! hehe, but keep in mind babe.. don't give up, as reminder to myself!