Thursday, February 23, 2012

6kgs y'all!

Sorry for lack of update recently, since we just got back from Amsterdam, then my BFF was coming to Brighton for a week, after that occupied with working life.. and with TheCinta's order too! do visit us here. After that, I was down with fever last 2 days.. dang! okay enough with brief update.. boring!

So last week, I managed lost total up 6kgs in a month! i started for my losing weight program 12/01 up until 16/02, I lost 6kgs.. how cool is that? I ate nasi lemak, nasi tomato, mee bandung, choc cake, cheese cake.. yada yada.. basic rules to a healthy life, is exercise, that's how I do.. and that's how I losing weight! :) 

and.. most important thing, I'm not wasting my money at all, oh ada lah sikit, i use Splenda instead of sugar, but price about the same here with normal sugar, soo takpe.. I takmau gym, because I hv to pay, I don't want any slimming product since that's using money too, sebab I gemoks sbb byk makan, that's using money! to buy all that's unhealthy things, then losing weight must be no cost! refuse to give up all my money.. so I jog everyday by seaside.. alone.. every morning.. eceh since i masuk kerja lambat from Azli.. then I can buy my rewards later using all money that I hv.. saving from this slimming program. hehehe..

Breakfast (before 1 or 2 hours jogging)
1 serving of yogurt

1 Sandwich / or whatever left over from previous night

2 cups of tea with Splenda
2 pcs biscuits / fruits

whatever but in moderate portion, if Nasi Goreng, I only ate 1 plate, x tambah! :) 

in between, I just drink lots of water, because i hate drink plain water, I opts tea with splenda, only 2 cals per spoon, normal sugar almost 10kcal per spoon!

That's all. and I lost 6kgs in a month! oh lupa, add 1 hour walking everyday, since I walk to work 30minutes and back another 30minutes.. :) 

But for me.. kesabaran adalah sangat penting.. before achieve your target.. please not to eat too much, sebab weight can gain back.. sooo Nadia, please sabar, before 15kgs lose, jgn makan byk sangat pretty please! 9kgs to goo! at least, but, I hope another 14kgs to lose at most!

6kgs lighter girl! (whoops! long way to go)


  1. am very very happy for on diet oso buat alwiz cheated one, x tahan la nak contril kaloris tuh..last 2 weeks i managed to lose 3 kgs, but now its da balik 3 kg balik..adoiii..xx pe lps ni must work harder..i polo u k..hehe

  2. 6kgs sounds easy kan. i need to burn down 6kgs too. Congrats on ur lost