Thursday, March 22, 2012

8kgs lighter!

#8kgs lighter and I can fit my old Zara jacket I bought in Madrid 2 years ago!! *happy dance

Today is the first day of Spring! hooooreyyyy! eyh ke semalam.. x pe.. :p can't wait for the flowers to bloom and summer to come, summer's bbq to be held, sunbath and etc etc.. ! :) and it was nice and sunny throughout the day today.. yummm! :D

I was running in the morning, sunny but foggy morning.. :) but it was slowly getting better and hotter, I was running for 1 and half hour, I just love the sun! (here!) haha dah jadi minah salleh.. dah lama x rasa panas, bila ada matahari.. rasaaa super excited ;p

So my main story.. I lost 8kgs total uptodate, oh! fyi I x turun dah 2 weeks, because of, first, x jogging, second, weather not permitted, third, malas and list go on..and on.. so I put back my running shoes, running since last Saturday, and I turun 1kg bila I timbang harinie.. sooooo *happy dance, will continue my routine back! :p and when today, bila dapat put back my old jacket without rasa nak tersembul lemak kat tangan.. I over the mooooonnnnnnn today!.. hehe baru 2 years, dah ketat jacket tu.. that's why I need to lose weight at first, because I gained too much these past 2 years! now boleh lompat2 ringan! :)

So conclusion for me self, I NEED to run 5days a week at least, then I can lost 1 kg per week, BUT if I just run twice a week, x turun... nor tak maintain je.. SO I NEED TO JOG for losing weight.. :) Hopefully   my losing-weight-spirit will maintain! :)

Toddles guys!


  1. Babe,congrats! i heart ur motivation! I've set my goal in nov last yr, to jog at least 5-7km a day,for merely an hour almost every single day.

    My initial weight was 59-60and i was planning to shed around 10kg,by apr this yr.

    a month after had my jogging session everyday and i calculated my calories intake [max:1000cals per day] i was supposed to loose at least 1kg. But heck!i gained another 2kg! Terus i stop jogging,psl patah hati sangattt!!!!:(:(

    Now, im critically over-weighted!dah 63kg!!!!*stress out!*

    Sumpah stress!i couldn't fit into all of my clothes. But really gotta find my mojo backkkkk!

    Plsssss, i need strength :( sukar laaaaaa begini :( bile dh stop,malasss btol nak start all over blk!:l


  2. N: If you can't fit your clothes.. it's reaaaaalllyyy frustrating.. that's how I started before!

    But according to u, u jog and control your diet.. SUPPOSEDLY you will losing weight.. kan? if me pon mmg lah patah hati. hehe

    maybe you can wait for 2 weeks of , then you check ur weight, instead of 1 week, u check after 2 weeks?, maybe in 1000kcal tue u only consumed healthy kcal, contoh, yougurt, limited carb, and so on.. and bila you nak timbang, timbang early morning, after 1hour bangun, before bfast, masa tu according to myself (;p)that's what's ur real weight! and maybe ur scale salah! haha u supposed to looooosseee weight kalau u jog.. but boleh jadi, ur metabolism rendah, sooo u need xtraaaaa effort.